Interview with Lomond’s Ivan Bulaev, director of Sales and Marketing.


Interview with Lomond’s Ivan Bulaev, director of Sales and Marketing.

New York, NY -- Lomond recently announced the forthcoming launch of two new Memjet-powered inkjet printers. To find out more details about these new products, we caught up with Lomond’s Ivan Bulaev.

1)Where and when was Lomond started and why?

Lomond was established in 1996 as a paper converting company targeting the markets of the CIS and Europe. Today the fast growing company’s business is focused mainly on producing top-quality media and cartridges for desktop and wide format digital printing. All the company’s products are Lomond-branded. On April 2011 Lomond has announced the first Memjet-powered office printer in Europe - Lomond EvoJet Office. Inspiring Mission of the Lomond’s team is to bring to consumers the most advanced hightech supplies at reasonable prices.

2)Where did you first hear about Memjet and why did you decide to partner with them? Is Lomond interested in developing a wide-format printer as well as the standard A4 desktop ones?

We have heard about Memjet around 2007 at Photokina. Lomond has always beed advocating the inkjet technology and pointing out the advantages over laser - scalability, speed, reliability, low cost of consumables, eco-friendliness and a huge variety of consumables. With certain types of ink you can literally print on anything! The only thing missing was the speed. Traditional inkjet is too slow. So we were immediately impressed by Memjet printhead performance and since then we have been trying to get in touch with Memjet. We were introduced only in 2011, and we have announced our partnership with Memjet Home and Office in April 2011. Lomond is exploring the Wide Format market as well, but at the moment our focus is mainly in the office segment and we have no plans to release WF devices in the nearest months.

3)Can you describe your product line in more detail as well as the types of customers you aim to serve?

Our main products have historically been inkjet coated papers. Mainly for office and home users. The range consist of more that 100 different inkjet medias, including glossy and matt coated papers, microporous coated photo papers (glossy, satin, semi-glossy), inkjet films (transparent and white opaque), self-adhesive labels and many more. All these papers are available in desktop formats (A6, A4,A3…) and in wide-format rolls. Also Lomond has a wide variety of laser papers and special papers for commercial digital offset machines like HP Indigo. Another part of the business is compatible inkjet cartridges for Epson, Canon and HP printers and ink, which we produce by ourselves. In general our main focus is and has always been on inkjet consumables.

4)Some OEMs have come out and said that the quality of a cartridge once it is refilled is not the same. What made Lomond decide to start the CartRegen program?

Lomond CartRegen is the only OEM-authorized refilling concept in the market. Lomond has accumulated a lot of unique knowledge in the past years of compatible cartridge manufacturing and together with Memjet we have created a unique and robust ink tank design, which allows it to be refilled without any contamination using a special Memjet-designed refilling station. Of course the ink tanks can only be refilled with the original Memjet Formula Inks, and to ensure the quality we have placed special quality chips both on the ink bags and ink tanks. We believe refilling is a great opportunity for the market to have access to even lower cost per color printout, and on the Lomond EvoJet Office printers it approaches the cost of the monochrome laser cost per page.

5)Where do you see Lomond in the next five years? Will printers still exist, and if so, will Lomond still be selling them? Where do you see the printing and consumables industry as a whole?

In the nearest future we see the trend in commercial printing shifting from large high-cost digital offset presses, to high-speed inkjet desktop printers, located in the places of consumption and printing the data on-demand. We believe that instead of traditional centralized printing a new concept of allocated printing environments, where only the data is transferred and the costs are saved on logistics will be established. The cost per page will continue to decrease and will eventually reach the level of traditional offset, there is still a room to do that as the cost of ink is much lower comparing to laser toners. The inkjet technology will be spread throughout the printing industry, replacing many other traditional printing technologies, like silkscreen, offset, etc, allowing to print on a large variety of surfaces. We see Lomond as a part of this market, and we are going to continue our work with Memjet and their breakthrough technology.

Mr. Bulaev also added an important distinction that sets them apart from other manufacturers:

Another point I would like to make is about our papers, which make us quite different from other printer OEM's. Lomond Papers with a special coating designed specially for Memjet printhead and ink. Over the last year Lomond has created a special line of papers, designed for use with the Memjet technology printheads. These papers have a special dust free coaring and an improved flexibility for improved performance from both trays. These papers have been tested by Memjet R&D department and marked with “Memjet Preferred Media” label. The papers will be packed in large 250 sheets packages and will be available right after Drupa.

The range includes office papers, thin and heavy matt and glossy papers, microporous coated photo papers and self-adhesive labels. The precise color reproduction is guaranteed by the built-in ICC color profiles.

All the papers are manufactured in EU and Japan.”


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