Lomond Bulk Ink LH07-002LM for HP printers, light magenta, 200ml, dye based


New generation bulk ink for inkjet printers HP, volume 200ml, color light magenta, dye based. Compatible with HP HP58, Samsung P90.

Lomond inks are licensed and produced under control and from the components of a european-based chemical company. Lomond develops and manufactures dye-based and pigment inks for all popular models of desktop and wide-format inkjet printers.

The more realistic colours are provided by the usage of Lomond ICC profiles and media.

Compatible with printers:

HP Deskjet 3650, HP Deskjet 3658, HP Deskjet 3668, HP Deskjet 3843, HP Deskjet 3845, HP Deskjet 3848, HP Deskjet 450, HP Deskjet 5150, HP Deskjet 5160, HP Deskjet 5165, HP Deskjet 5550, HP Deskjet 5551, HP Deskjet 5552, HP Deskjet 5650, HP Deskjet 5652, HP Deskjet 5850, HP Deskjet 9650, HP Deskjet 9670, HP Deskjet 9680, HP Deskjet D2330, HP Deskjet D2360, HP Deskjet F380, HP Digital copier printer 410, HP Officejet 4215, HP Officejet 4255, HP Officejet 5610, HP Officejet 6110, HP Photosmart 7150, HP Photosmart 7260, HP Photosmart 7268, HP Photosmart 7350, HP Photosmart 7450, HP Photosmart 7458, HP Photosmart 7550, HP Photosmart 7660, HP Photosmart 7755, HP Photosmart 7760, HP Photosmart 7762, HP Photosmart 7960, HP Psc 1311, HP Psc 1315, HP Psc 1318, HP Psc 1350, HP Psc 2110, HP Psc 2115, HP Psc 2170, HP Psc 2175, HP Psc 2210, HP Psc 2310, HP Psc 2410, HP Psc 2510, Samsung CF450, Samsung MJC 5700, Samsung MJC 6000, Samsung MJC 6700, Samsung MJC 7000, Samsung SCX 1300, Samsung SCX 1350F, Samsung SCX 1420C, Samsung SCX 1450, Samsung SCX 1770F

Product parameters

Product code:0205868
Product name:Lomond Bulk Ink LH07-002LM for HP printers, light magenta, 200ml, dye based
Country of origin:South Korea
Weight:0.235 kg
Pcs in transportation packing:20
Ink type:dye based

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