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Lomond InstaFrame photopaperThe Lomond product line of InstaFrame photopapers presents 15-sheet packages of various most popular Lomond photopapers in a special cardboard package with specific and unique feature and design.

In two or three easy steps you can transform the packaging into a unique cardboard photo frame and place it anywhere on your desk or shelf. You can store your favorite printed photos inside photo frame, protected against the surrounding environment.

Lomond InstaFrame design allows to place photos vertically or horizontally. If necessary, you can easily replace the displayed photo or image and replace it with another printed photo from the package.

Special surface coating ensures instant ink drying, water and moisture resistance, high color contrast. For maximum color reproduction quality you can use available ICC profiles for all Lomond media.

Benefits of InstaFrame.

Photo papers are primarily designed for photo printing. Printed photos become palpable and give a sense of the actual presence of the displayed moment. A natural desire is to keep these moments in our neighborhood, for example on a desk or shelf.

Lomond InstaFrame product range contains a variety of frame colors and sizes 10x15 or A5.

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