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Lomond Self-Adhesive Media is a wide range series including universal papers and films, inkjet coated papers and films, laser jet coated papers and films of desktop and large format.

Depending on the properties of the glue layer labels, stickers and posters might be permanent adhesive or removable. Some films are static cling adhesive, so that they can be stuck at smooth surfaces without any glue. Self-adhesives are used as mailing address labels, media labels, filing labels, package and cargo decals, signage, reminding stickers, adhesive posters, warnings and so on.

The self adhesive media have division, based in their properties:

Permanent - single use, the label is not removable. Made from modified acryl dispersion. This media has high thermal steadiness while printing and after appliance.

Removable multiply use, label can be removed and reapplied. Made from modified dispersion of synthetic caoutchouc. Does not leave glue on the surface after being removed.

Static-Adhesive. Thick film which stick to any smooth surface (glass, plastic, metall) by means of static electricity.
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