XL PET film

Lomond XL polyester (PET) films are used for numerous indoor applications. The films are inkjet coated providing perfect high resolution imaging with superb colors and contrast.

Polyester base has excellent plastic properties providing high dimensional stability and flatness as well as tear-resistance. Lomond XL PET films fully meet various market demands on photo quality fashion advertising displays, bright-colored booth graphics, precise design draughts, clear informational billboards and many more. High durability makes Lomond PET films perfect for long-lasting indoor applications. The range of weights is from 36 to 310 g/m2.

Backlit films are designed for light box applications and are very popular for retail and trade shows. Transmitted light is dispersed by the film and the printed images acquire a spectacular shining areola. Inkjet coating provides high resolution, bright colors and sharp details of the print. The media must be handled with care before and after printing to prevent damage to the ink receiving layer and printed images. . The film can be used for rear mirror mode printing. At that the front side serves as protection against aggressive atmospheric pollutions and mechanical abrasions.

Poster films are best suitable for long-lasting indoor displays such as posters, charts, murals, banners, signs etc. Poster films are also widely used for technical design draughts. Due to the inkjet coating poster films provide high image quality. And the polyester base gives robust handling properties, high flexibility and tear resistance.

Self-adhesive polyester films are used for indoor advertising, tradeshow displays, POS displays etc. A thin Self-Adhesive film is paper backed. After removal of the backing paper the film is easily glued to any surface.

Static Cling film, on the contrary, is thick. It does not have any adhesive coating. It sticks to any smooth surface (window glass, plastic, metal, and wood) owing to static electricity.
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