Photopaper Premium - Premium Semi Glossy, Size A4

lomond-photopaper-pyramideLomond Premium Photo Paper series represents the newest microporous coating technology. Microporous papers are designed for photographers to provide digital imaging of true photo quality comparable or exceeding conventional wet print analogous imaging.

Unlike polymer coated inkjet papers that absorb inks by swelling, Premium Photo inkjet papers have specific nanoporous ceramic coating structure (rigid matrix) providing capillary absorption. This enables ink absorption speed that far exceeds the traditional “polymer” receiving layers. Absorption happens in microseconds, so the image is instant dry and can be handled immediately after printing. The resolution provided by microporous coating is highest among all inkjet media: up to 5,760 dpi (enables absolutely precise print transfer of the images of more than 720 ppi). Microporous papers are eminently suitable for dyebased and pigment inks for bubble jet and piezo printers.

Another great advantage of Premium Photo paper is polyethylene coated (or RC – resin coated) paper base because of which the papers won’t ripple if they get wet. These papers are resistant to tears and kinks and even being put into water they keep the image safe. The resin coated base is the same as that used for traditional photographs. Along with increased thickness and weight this gives a real "photographic feel".

Lomond Premium Photo Paper is supplied in the photo-size 10x15, A4, A3, A3+ as well as in Epson-format rolls of 100, 127, 210, and 329 mm width. The weight range is from 170 to 340 g/m2.

The base covering:
PE-Coated Paper with double sided polymeric coating of the base.
Non PE-Caoted Paper without double sided polymeric coating of the base.

Face material texture:
Satin papers imitate matt texture. They give soft glareless feel.
Semi Glossy papers are intermediate between Satin and Super Glossy.
Super Glossy are close to the traditional glossy photo papers used for “wet chemical” (analogous) photo.

Base paper tint
Bright High paper whiteness allows to receive extremely bright and vivid colors. This tint is especially popular in European and Northern American regions. Best for printing landscapes on a bright sunny day, fests, etc.
Warm Having a slight yellowish tint due to lower optical brightener consistence these papers have the widest color gamut. It is possible to acquire the deepest black color on this media as well as a perfect representation of the skin tone.These papers are best for printing portraits and monochrome pictures.
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