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Lomond Color Paper 75 g/m2 A4, 200 sheets, Neon Green

Perfect for standard, double-sided and high-speed copying. Dust-free cutting. Highly lightproof.

Lomond coloured paper is used for design and printing works, high quality advertising products, and document image improvement.

Compatible with all copying and printing equipment. Paper is highly lightproof, perfectly fits double-sided printing and copying. The paper is antistatic and has “a dustless cut”, i.e. when cut and flattened, the paper doesn`t have any dust on its edge surfaces. Perfectly adhere toner, absorb ink and are highly durable.


product code:1004201
product name:Lomond Color Paper 75 g/m2 A4, 200 sheets, Neon Green
weight:0.936 kg
pcs in transportation packing:12

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