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Lomond Fine Art Laser Parchment Paper 150 g/m2, A4, 100 sheets, Sand

Parchment supercalendered double-sided paper. For photorealistic laser printing. Provides excellent toner adhesion. Size A4, 100 sheets, paper weight 150 g/m2. Double sided.

Lomond Color Laser Paper series is designed for high quality full-color laser print technologies with dry or liquid toner. The series is recommended for speed printing of color documents, booklets, loose leaves, leaflets, cards, posters andpreprints. All papers of the series provide excellent toner adhesion. The prints are highly sharp, contrasting and durable.

Parchment DS Color Laser Paper is a supercalendered paper with multi-layer double-sided coating for laserprinting with higher demand to comfortableness of text and image perception. A smooth finish delivers excellent images, printed on monochrome or color laser printers, and copiers.


product code:0914042
product name:Lomond Fine Art Laser Parchment Paper 150 g/m2, A4, 100 sheets, Sand
square weight:150 g/m2
sheet size:A4
surface of back side:
country of origin:EU, Finland
weight:0.936 kg
pcs in transportation packing:11

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